I have been thinking a lot about expectations.  We all have them…of ourselves, of others, of the “world” in general.  I think that both can be really really good for us, but also, very detrimental.  When you expect a lot from yourself, you have to temper it with reality.  yes, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to….but things will happen..priorities will change…and some things that you said you’d “definitely do”, just don’t happen.  The lesson is not to be too hard on yourself.  Be hard…but be kind.  When you have expectations of other people, you have to remember that you have NO control over them.  Not the way they think, not the way they act.  You can set certain expectations based on that person’s role in your life (friend, partner, lover, spouse, etc.), but ultimately they make choices that have nothing to do with you….it is their own behavior..and you can’t control anyone but yourself.

It is hard when someone’s behavior, which you thought you could predict based on their role, their history, etc., totally changes.  It hurts like hell………More later


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